Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I am Charissa and the air con is really cold. I am having my first UIR lesson now, so far, we have learnt how to create a blog and post our first post. Which is this post by the way, apart from the HELLLLOOOOEE post. Right, I sounded so excited. I love... let me see, to listen to alternative music with a tinge of rock. I love to... look at my partner and see what on earth is he looking at because we are but of course, of curious nature. HA.Ha. Okay, he is looking now.

I am 18 years old, the weather is really hot outside and I strongly believe that they should install some freezer to freeze everybody up. YAY. Okay la, just those people who like to be frozen could enter that realm.

My favourite links are: www.rainbowholism.blogspot.com because there's where all the nice dresses are!

Another link would be: www.yahoo.com. Because we could all do the "YA-HOoooooo-wooo" theme song. Yes yes, I know secretly you so wanna sing it out loud.

OKAY LA. Got to go. Bye Bye.
No, really. BYE.


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