Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Record your search process in the table below.

Type of Search facility:

Search Engines

Keywords used: Latest Fashion Trends

URL(of the resource that answers your research question): http://fashion.about.com/od/latesttrends/

Purpose: Information

Reason: It shows information relating to the latest trends in fashion. It is a text document with picture galleries

Comments on Search Results : The results were relevant and it showed on an extensive view of the latest trends in fashion. However, there were too many results displayed and some were not relevant all.

Example used : www.google.com

Meta Search Engines

Example used : www.metacrawler.com

Key words: Latest trends in fashion

URL: http://www.thinkfashion.com/search.aspx?keywords=fashion

Purpose: Information/ Business

Reason: It displays information for one to search on regarding fashion. Topics like “women’s wear”, “menswear”, “accessories” and “shoes” could be seen. However, it is also a business site as it features mainly on “Banana Republic” items

Comment on the Search Results: Results were accurate, however, it was intensive to search within search engines as you would have to type the key words over and over again.
Subject Directory

Subject Directories

Example used : www.yahoo.com (Directory)

Key words: Fashion trends

URL: http://www.fashionstylist.com.au

Purpose: Information/Business/Marketing

Reason: It showcases a lot of information about the latest fashion trends in Australia. And at the same time, it advertises and promotes a little on the fashion stylist herself.

Comments on search results: It is useful as it shows a list of directory. However, the directory mainly shows me the different online stores related to my research.


I personally feel that www.google.com was the best among all the search engines that I have tried. The only con is, it displayed a lot of topics that were mildly relevant to my research topic. The internet may be useful, especially when it comes to researching. However, not all the sources may be accurate, hence one should know the purpose of the website before using it as a source because one would then know what the website is advocating. For example, if it is a marketing site, the information displayed may be biased towards its own products and state half facts. Having learned to identify what purposes the websites may serve, I am now able to sieve through the information given on the internet more meticulously.


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